Roguelike indie game TumbleSeed is launching May 2nd on Switch

"The Dark Souls of Marble Rolls".... okaaaaaay

TumbleSeed publisher aeiowu finally shared the release date of their upcoming roguelike game on Nintendo Switch. The good news came through a new trailer this week. If you want to add this graphically light but ferociously hard action indie game to your library, you can now expect it to hit the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 2nd.

If you haven’t heard about TumbleSeed yet, the game is based on a simple goal: bring a seed to the top of a mountain. Of course, that’s not a walk in the park since you can’t control the seed but a vine on which this seed is balancing. On top of that, the game features devilish procedurally generated levels across 5 worlds, 30 powers to master and daily challenges. Developers also added the HD Rumble compatibility to please Nintendo Switch players, giving the sensations of in-game textures through vibrations.


TumbleSeed launches for Nintendo Switch on May 2nd.

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