EA on bringing Star Wars Battlefront II to the Switch

May the Force be with the Nintendo Switch?

This week, Electronic Arts and DICE fulfilled their promise and showed more Star Wars: Battlefront II in a reveal trailer packed with goodness from a galaxy far far away. The next instalment in the online shooter franchise will release this year on November 17th, and while it is already confirmed for PS4 and XboxOne, many fans still wonder if a Nintendo Switch version is in the works.

When asked about this by the website Level Up during an exclusive interview, Mark Thompson (Game Director at EA’s Motive Studio) was rather vague: “That one is a question for another day“. Ok, he didn’t rule out the possibility to see Battlefront II on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s clearly not the priority. We’ll have to wait a little more to know if EA and DICE decide to bring the Star Wars universe to the Switch.

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