Sci-fi racer Redout is coming soon on Nintendo Switch

Fast RMX will soon get a challenger

Announced back in January for the Nintendo Switch, 34BigThings’ sci-fi racer Redout is a pure tribute to old racing monsters such as F-Zero, WipeOut or Rollcage that is already available on PC since last September. Since then, PS4 and XboxOne players have been waiting for Redout to hit retailers’ shelves. And now that Switch players have joined the waiting line, pressure on developers is building. But good news, 34BigThings will unveil “soon” a 100% certain release date.

Here’s the details of what the studio announced on their blog:

“So when? WHEN?”

You know we’ve been cautious in announcing release dates, after that initial period when we kept promising “next month”. We are maintaining the same meter of judgment here, so we’ll hold announcements until we’re 100% certain – which by the way will happen soon.

“Yeah yeah but it’s been forever, are you stuck or something?”

Definitely not! Those who played Redout on PC know how dedicated we were in supporting the game, adding new content and releasing whatever we could achieve in reasonable time – cockpit view, a whole new world, soundtrack, artbook, and more will come. All this had a little impact on console porting: less allocated time, more assets, regression bugs, more optimisation work. But that’s a tradeoff we accepted and if we could o back, we would do exactly the same thing. PC gamers got more stuff early, console gamers will get a polished game with the same content. Everyone wins.

“Why can you preorder the game if you don’t even have a launch date?”

That’s right, you can already preorder physical copies of Redout for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. That’s because for 66% of these platforms we are wrapping up the final testing phase, so we are confident we can move on to printing and shipping in a few weeks – again, we’re not announcing a date here. Suffice to say, we are not too far from printing those physical copies.

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