Pokemon Sun & Moon: legendary Ho-Oh offered in CoroCoro magazine

The Pokemon anime 20th Anniversary gets legendary

The famous Japanese monthly magazine CoroCoro Comic shared news on the distribution of the legendary Ho-Oh for Pokémon Sun & Moon. In celebration of the Pokemon anime 20th Anniversary, The Pokémon Company is releasing this summer a film revisiting the Indigo League arc, called “Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!“. And to coincide with its release, CoroCoro magazine’s August issue – coming out July 15th – will be distributing codes to receive Ho-Oh in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Nothing has been said regarding a possible distribution outside Japan, or even if that’s a unique code included in each issue of the magazine or a “generic” code that can be shared to everyone. So if you want Ho-Oh to join your team this summer, we recommend you to either find a friend in Japan or keep an eye on the fan forums if some Japanese players are kind enough to share codes.


Photo: autlaw.deviantart.com

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