Give life to the world of Snipperclips with this free diorama

Snip & Clip can now highlight your amiibo figurines

If you’ve been hooked by the funny paper style of SFB Games’ “Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!” on Nintendo Switch, here’s a little something to bring Snip & Clip to your life. The Play Nintendo website is giving a free printable diorama inspired by the Noisy Notebook world of Snipperclips, right here.

All you need to create that diorama is a printer, some sturdy paper, glue and a pair of scissors. It’s not much but hey, that’s free, unlike the Super Smash Bros. themed dioramas that were sold last year ($7.75 each). And it’s pretty cool if you want to set little scenes with your amiibo figurines.

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