NES Classic Edition production also stopped in Europe and Australia

Well, looks like Nintendo doesn't like money...

Following the sad news yesterday that Nintendo of America is halting the production of the NES Classic Edition, it was only a matter of time before we see the same trend spread across other countries. And that was pretty fast. We’ve received updates from both Europe and Australia that the retro system’s sales are also about to stop in all the corresponding countries.

While sharing the news, the websites Vooks (Australia) and Webtrek (Italy) both contacted Nintendo representatives from their country to know if there’s an update on the NES Classic Edition distribution in their markets. Both Nintendo Australia and Nintendo of Europe answered, issuing the same statement, shared below. And sadly, it’s confirmed.

However, Nintendo did specify that yesterday’s news was misinterpreted: the NES Classic Edition is not discontinued, its production is “just” halted until further notice. This sudden move to halt the distribution of a product that was literally sold in minutes after it hit the shelves seems rather surprising. We won’t know for sure why they’ve decided so. Maybe it has something to do with the upcoming Virtual Console on Switch (with its own catalogue of NES games), or maybe they want to clear the manufacturing lines to maximise the production of their latest hardware.

We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website.

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