The tile-flipping multiplayer game Project Mekuru launches on Switch this Summer

Bomberman X Nintendo Land X Splatoon

Presented by Japanese indie developer Over Fence during a panel at GDC 2017, Project Mekuru (name not final) is the colourful offspring of Bomberman, Nintendo Land and Splatoon. It’s published by Nintendo, and slated for a release this Summer on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Project Mekuru is described as a tile-flipping multiplayer game (“Mekuru” means “flipping” in Japanese). What we’ve seen so far shows four-player battles in stages floored with hundreds of tiles. Each player has a defined colour, and needs to turn as much tiles as possible to his/her attributed colour by stomping the ground, preventing other players to take back your tiles at the same time. Each match is a combination or rapidity, strategy, and pure fight thanks to special items (ex. Speed UP, X-shaped flip).

While you might find this first description of Project Mekuru rather unconvincing, it might just turn out to be the game that fits perfectly in your party nights with friends. You know, right when you’ve finished that intense Splatoon 2 multi and you want something refreshing before jumping back into ARMS. Take a look at the gameplay footage below.

Project Mekuru will launch this summer via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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