Pocket Rumble developers on why their game is perfect for the Switch

Nintendo UK interview Cardboard Robot Games at EGX Rezzed

Cardboard Robot Games’ retro-styled 2D fighter Pocket Rumble brings us back to the 90s, with a gameplay deeply inspired by the Neo Geo Pocket Color merged with a touch of Street Fighter and a pinch of King of Fighters. This indie game is slated for the Switch this year, and we’ve got today a first idea on how the game is perfectly fit for the way of playing games on Nintendo’s latest system.

The Nintendo UK team got to interview Christian Stewart, developer at Cardboard Robot Games, during the EGX Rezzed event that occurred a few days ago in London. And between many throwbacks to the glory days of the Neo Geo and how Pocket Rumble is inspired by the golden age of fighting games, Stewart talked about the adaptation of the studio’s game to the hybrid possibilities of the Switch.


Read the full interview of Cardboard Robot Games’ Christian Stewart on Pocket Rumble here.

NUK: Pocket Rumble has potential to be a great local multiplayer game. How important is it to you that Nintendo Switch will allow two players to fight not just on a TV screen but outside in tabletop mode?

CS: Right, that’s exactly why we need to be on Nintendo Switch! This is the first time a handheld has really had the feel of playing on one console in local multiplayer. It’s perfect. We didn’t know anything about the Nintendo Switch when we were first designing the game but as soon as we heard about its capabilities we were like “this is perfect, this is exactly what we need to be on. This is a local, multiplayer, portable console and here we have this very important local multiplayer game that’s focussed on portability.” So it was a perfect fit!

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