Mr Shifty: developers are working on a patch to fix framerate issues

TinyBuild has heard about the framerate issues on Switch

The indie topdown shooter Mr Shifty is out on the Nintendo Switch eShop since yesterday, and first players already report some problems regarding framerate drops. The issue appears several times during several moments of the game, and it gets more annoying towards the finals levels when more graphic effects are implied.

But fear not, publisher by tinyBuild Games and developer Team Shifty have heard the complaints and are already hard at work to fix them. The issue is already resolved on PC, but apparently it will take a few more days to hunt down all the bits of code that are causing the problem.


We were able to fix the frame rate issues on PC, it will take longer time to fix this on Switch since it’s different coding. We will try to get this fixed ASAP, definitely before the game gets released on PS4 and Xbox One in several weeks!

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