Monster Hunter Stories heads to Europe and North America this Fall

Hunters, prepare to become Riders!

While you might be still looking for plane tickets to get to Japan and have a chance to grab those sweet gold & silver amiibo offered for the Monster Hunter Championship 2017, don’t waste your money in buying Monster Hunter Stories on import, because it’s coming to the west! During Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced that the 3DS spin-off RPG Monster Hunter Stories is currently going under localisation and is slated to release in North America and Europe this Fall.

Being a spin-off, Monster Hunter Stories is a little different in its mechanics compared to the other episodes of the MH series. Unlike any of the previous titles, MH Stories lets you take on the role of a Rider. Also, instead of facing giant wildlife and monsters in real-time action battles, this title is based on a RPG turn-based system. Developer Marvelous added other features similar to what we find in Pokémon games, like hatching eggs and befriending monsters to battle alongside them.

Monster Hunter Stories will release this Fall on Nintendo 3DS, in North America and Europe.



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