Three new Zelda amiibo figures to be released on June 23rd

Majora's Mask Link, Twilight Princess Link and Skyward Sword Link join the ranks

Nintendo is expanding the number of figures from the Zelda amiibo series with new upcoming Link figures planned to release this summer. Behold the three amiibo to be released on June 23rd, taken from the three Zelda games Majora’s Mask Link, Twilight Princess Link and Skyward Sword Link. Here’s the tweet from Nintendo of America revealing those figures.

For some reason, these three Zelda amiibo weren’t released alongside the other 30th Anniversary series that already came out last year, but we already knew they were coming. Many rumours circulated about three unidentified amiibo found on Best Buy’s website, and the conclusion was quickly found when hackers found special clothing sets corresponding to those three games.

There’s no official price fixed yet, but if we stick to the same price as the other amiibo from the 30th Anniversary series, it should be around $12.99/figure.


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