Kamiko God Shrine Maidens: release trailer with retro style gameplay

Turn up the volume for that sweet old school tune

Last week, Flyhigh Works and Skipmore released a first trailer for their pixel-style action adventure game  on Nintendo Switch: Kamiko – God Shrine Maidens. However, the video wasn’t showing much and only lasted for 25 seconds of real gameplay. So now that the game has been released, the publisher shared a generous 1:30 video of pure gameplay.

In this footage, we see Yamato (Water shrine maiden), Uzume (Earth shrine maiden) and Hinome (Fire shrine maiden) using their enchanted weapons to defeat waves of demons blocking their path in the Forest of Awakening. We also have a quick glimpse at a robot boss that strangely resembles to Gohdan, the guardian of the Tower of the Gods in Zelda: Wind Waker.


Kamiko – God Shrine Maidens is available on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop. Nothing has been said for a western release.

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