Ever Oasis gets a release date on Nintendo 3DS

That's pretty soon for a game we know so little about!

Grezzo’s new IP Ever Oasis is one of the big projects of Nintendo for the 3DS. Problem is we haven’t heard a thing about it since it’s first world reveal at last year’s E3. But it seems that the development team has been really busy working on this game since they’ve released Zelda: Triforce Heroes. So busy that it’s almost ready to hit the shelves!

Indeed, BigN announced during today’s Nintendo Direct that Ever Oasis will release on June 23rd in North America. It comes as a big surprise since we really don’t know much about it. We assume that developer Grezzo will share all the infos during this year’s E3.


Ever Oasis is coming to Nintendo 3DS on June 23rd (North America).


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