Dragon Quest XI: new 3DS gameplay trailer from Japanese Nintendo Direct

A good look at the differences between 3D and 2D mode

Square Enix is releasing the Kraken on all its promotion around the upcoming Dragon Quest XI. Two days ago, we had an extensive covering revealing the final release date for Japan (July 29th), early purchase bonus and the collector edition, three new trailers and lots of infos on the battle mechanics, completion time, and other details. Today, the publisher released another trailer with gameplay footage during the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation.

In this 45 seconds trailer, we have a deeper look at the rendering differences of the 3D and 2D modes that we’ll have to chose in-game, the map and city exploration, battles, special moves and cut scenes.

Dragon Quest XI will release for Nintendo 3DS on July 29th (Japan), later this year for Nintendo Switch.

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