ARMS: release date, new character, multi mode and details

ARMS will launch on June 16th

Even though the Nintendo Direct that just occurred was packed with a lot of announcements from several games, one of its main star was the upcoming boxing game ARMS. So, what was revealed during this live stream? Well first, we finally got the long-awaited launching date in North America and Europe: June 16th.

Then, the ARMS League Commentator Biff showed quite a few features of the game in a dedicated video. Here’s the details of what has been announced:

  • New character: fighting noodle girl Min Min (picture). She fights with ramen arms and martial arts. She can knock down an opponent’s fists with a mere kick. Her left arm can be charged to unleash a dragon attack.
  • Multiplayer Mode: 2 Vs. 2 action in the same ring, apparently with local multiplayer.
  • Elements: attacks can be tied to a weather or special element (fire, electric, ice, explosion, stun, blind, wind).
  • Arm Getter: arcade style mini-game to unlock new arms, you must pay to play it.
  • Accessories: new Neon Yellow coloured Joy-Con and Joy-Con strap will be available alongside the game.

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