Fire Emblem Heroes April Update is finally here

Be prepared for a lot of new features

The long awaited Update 1.2.0 for Fire Emblem Heroes is finally here! Announced back in March by the developers through in-game notifications, the “April Update” brings major changes to the game on iOS and Android. New battle modes, max stamina raised, arena fixes, an additional way to collect feathers, the long awaited permadeth-like events, and more!

Here’s the full list of changes introduced with the Fire Emblem Heroes – April Update. The previously announced Defensive Battle and Reinforcements maps are planned to be added during the second half of April.

  • Stamina Max raised from 50 to 99. Orb and Stamina Potions refill 99 Stamina.
  • Hero Merit: earn “Hero Merit” during battle by doing significant actions. Once your Heroes save up 500HM, you’ll earn 500 Hero Feathers (via the home screen). Each Hero can save up to 2000HM, and duplicate Heroes will share HM. If two of the same Hero fight in a battle, the amount of HM is pooled.
  • Swap Spaces: change the positions of your Heroes at the start of each combat (via a specific button). You can swap spaces as much as you like until a character completes an action in combat.
  • Sacred Seals: Equip your Heroes with Sacred Seals obtained from special quests. Those provide several buffs (ex. Speed +1). Duplicates are converted into HM. New Sacred Seals will be released gradually.
  • Inherit Skill and Merge Allies: when using Merge Allies, it will become possible to inherit skills that were previously inherited. All inherited/base skills and their learned status will be passed on.
  • Arena Scores and Matchmaking: conditions changed for matchmaking, to help match better players with opponents of similar strength. Now, matches are based on a combination of four values (Char lvl and Star rating, bonuses gained with Merge Allies, total base stats after removing effect of skills, equipped skills). Also, slight increase of the score you can obtain on all difficulty settings.
  • Balance on Stars: EXP earned by low Stars (1 to 4) Heroes increase in battles against enemies with lower level. It is now easier to level up by defeating lower-level enemies.
  • Bonus Character descriptions in the Arena appear when you tap on them.
  • Notifications are shown once per day (starts at 3:00am).
  • Additional enhancements to improve user’s experience + Bug fixes

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