Dragon Quest XI: Japanese release date, collector edition, infos and gameplay footage

Nothing settled for the Switch however

Two years after the first reveal of the new instalment in the Dragon Quest franchise, Square Enix hosted this morning a special stream on Dragon Quest XI. As promised a few days ago, they’ve revealed the release date of the title, along with a lot of other infos to complete the screenshots and previous announcement on the battle system and characters. So buckle up, here’s a full overview:

Release date

First, the final release date has been revealed for Japan: July 29th, on Nintendo 3DS ($55/£43). As for the Switch version, here’s what Takashi Mochizuki from WSJ reports: “It is still planned but no announcements today. Whether it launches together on the same day as PS4 and 3DS or not we cannot say today“.


Early Purchase Bonus & Collector Edition

Square Enix announced that the first buyers of Dragon Quest XI will receive two special clothing items to use ingame: the Vest of Happiness (+XP points for each battle) and the Upstart Vest (+Gold for each battle). These two vests will probably be available through a special code given in the boxes.

Then, as usual with this kind of big game release, Square Enix is putting together a special “Hero Sword Box Double Pack” for Dragon Quest XI. It will cost ¥16,156 ($135) and here’s what it contains:

  • Both 3DS and PS4 versions of Dragon Quest XI
  • Book style collector cases for each version
  • Large Hero Sword Box to contain everything

Dragon Quest XI Collector

Infos and mechanics

A few other details have been announced as well during this stream:

  • Approx. 50Hrs to finish the main story, extend to 100Hrs with side missions
  • The Spell of Restoration is back (ie. password registering your progress and achievements)
  • 3DS: Engaging combat with Circle Pad leads to 3D battle, with D-Pad leads to 2D battle
  • 3DS: At some point, you’ll choose between the 3D or 2D version of the game (can switch back any time)
  • Cloth sets and head only. No pants, gloves or shoes option
  • You can beat monsters and use them or their remains (ex. shells) to access high grounds in the level
  • PS4 digital version requires 40GB of free space, so Switch should be about the same



Square Enix shared three new trailers, all showing gameplay on the different platforms. There’s a video for the 3DS, one for 3DS/PS4 mixed together, and another one for the PS4 version. Nothing showed for the Switch version but we can assume it won’t be far from the PS4 one.



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