Japanese Suntory TV ads bring Mario Sports Superstars to life

For relaxing time, make it Suntory time

The heroes of Mushroom Kingdom are having a tough time since the release of Mario Sports Superstars on Nintendo 3DS. For us players it’s pretty easy to just push buttons on our system, but for them it’s not really a restful day to play soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, or horse racing. And that’s exactly the idea used in those new Japanese Suntory energy drink commercials.

In their latest TV campaign to promote the energy drink Dekavita C, the Suntory company shows Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad enjoying a nice party of golf out under the sun. Then, we quickly find out that they’re at the mercy of the player’s whims, and have to race through the different sports of Mario Sports Superstars. No other choice than drinking a whole lot of that energising liquid if they want to keep up. Clever!



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