CEO Yosuke Matsuda on how Square Enix is supporting the Switch

And no, Square-Enix isn't focusing more on the Switch than the Scorpio

A few days ago, you might have seen several websites saying that despite the fact that Xbox Scorpio is a really attractive piece of hardware, Square-Enix would focus more on the Nintendo Switch for developing games. Well, we didn’t relay that news simply because that has never been said by Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda during his interview with Famitsu. The risks of a bad translation…

However, Matsuda did have a comment on the Switch and how the company is supporting Nintendo’s new system. Of course, he wants to bring Square Enix’s games to the overwhelmingly successful platform. His vision is to have a mix of both new upcoming games, and previously released titles that would get the Switch gameplay treatment.

Our developers with a strong interest in the Switch are eager to challenge themselves to find new ways for people to play games. Having more gaming platforms available is a good thing for us. I really want the Switch to succeed. We’ll be developing new titles, and we’d like to port existing titles that the Switch can support often as we can.

Nintendo creates a variety of new gameplay possibilities. I think other companies will comes up with some surprising gimmicks using the Switch’s unique capabilities. We have our own way of doing things, so we’ll be marrying the Switch’s unique features to the kinds of games we’re known for.

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