Sonic Runners mobile sequel leaked by Gameloft

It's called Sonic Runners Adventure, and here's what we know

It’s quite a busy time for SEGA’s one and only hedgehog, with the recently revealed Sonic Forces and all what’s going on around the Sonic Mania release. And there’s more! Thanks to the mistake of Gameloft’s least-favourite intern, the one who apparently has problems with keeping secrets, there’s been a leak. So before going further, as usual with this kind of news nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s still a rumor. Ok? Good. Now, behold Sonic Runners Adventure.

Sonic Runners Adventure

Accidentally leaked by none other than developer and publisher Gameloft through their FAQ, Sonic Runners Adventure could be the upcoming sequel of Sonic Runners. It’s apparently heading to our smartphones at the speed of a blue light, there’s no release date so far, but there are some details on the functionalities and mechanics:

  • Sonic Runners Adventure will only require an internet connection when starting the game for the first time. After that the game can be played offline. (i.e. the original Runners required an internet connection at all times)
  • There are now three different kinds of level types: Finite, Looped, and Infinite.
    • Finite: reach a finish line to finish the level.
    • Looped: short levels that repeat for several laps, reach the end of the last lap.
    • Infinite: endless levels, complete all available goals to finish them.
  • New levelling system: characters will already be levelled up at level 5, then they can go up to level 100.
  • Characters are part of teams, which include Hero, Chaotix, and Dark. Each having an unique skill that’s triggered after collecting 300 rings.
  • No more game’s gambling mechanics. Instead, characters can be unlocked by buying them with rings.
  • Special stages are back, where you fly and collect rings.
  • New Timed Mode: the level ends when timer reaches 0.
  • Finite and Infinite levels: the camera angle will change during stunts.


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