Chrono Trigger director teases an unannounced Switch project

Is Chrono Break alive again? Or maybe the Chrono Trigger high-end remake?

We learned back in January that Square-Enix is already putting its teams to work on the original JRPG “Project: Octopath Traveler” for Nintendo Switch, and apparently it’s not the only exclusive game that we’ll see from the publisher. The NeoGAF forums spotted a tweet sent by Japanese video game developer Takashi Tokita, in which he says “Top-Secret Mission Begins!” with an image of the Switch. In other words, something new is coming from Square-Enix.

Now, what is Takashi Tokita cooking? Tokita has worked on FF:IV, Paradise Eve and I Am Setsuna, but most importantly as the director of Chrono Trigger. And this is why fans are going crazy right now. Is Chrono Break (a trademark registered by Square Co. on December 2001) alive once again? Or could it be the “high-end” Chrono Trigger remake Tokita was talking about a year ago in an interview with GameInformer?


“Personally, if there is ever an opportunity, I would love to see a high-quality, high-end version of Chrono Trigger.” – Takashi Tokita, June 1st 2016, GameInformer



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