SwitchCharge case extends Nintendo Switch battery life up to 15 hours

This may be the perfect battery case for your Switch

If there’s one thing the Nintendo Switch is lacking, it’s battery life. Being able to pick up your home console and bring it everywhere you want, it’s really the gamer’s dream. But when you’re enjoying that sweet sweet session of Zelda Breath of the Wild or when you’re having an intense Super Bomberman R match with your friends and the system suddenly reminds you way too soon that it’s going to turn off in about 15 minutes, you’re kinda pissed off. So if you’re the traveler kind and wish to extend the 3-5 hours battery life of the Nintendo Switch, you probably already have an external battery with you. They’re not all really handy, some aren’t even that powerful. That’s why the london-based company InDemand Design is coming up with its own solution, tailored for the Switch: the SwitchCharge.

This first ever charging case for the Nintendo Switch packs a massive 12,000mAh battery, and fits the hardware like a glove. It can house two game cards in a storage bay and features a larger kickstand, but the most interesting part is the extension of the battery life: it brings up to 12 more hours of play! It takes 3 hours to fill the battery up, and here’s the first beta tests in resulting time of play (at 30% brightness): Zelda Breath of the wild: 10hrs 40mins; 1/2 Switch: 12hrs 55mins; Fast RMX: 13hrs 20mins; Snipperclips: 13hrs 30mins; Shovel Knight: 14hrs 15mins.

Now, the SwitchCharge is currently undergoing a finance plan on IndieGogo. At the time of writing, they’re at 67% of the final $80,000 goal. So things are going fast, and the “early backers” pack (SwitchCharge battery case + power supply – $75) are already gone. But you can still back the project with the “SwitchCharge Special” (SwitchCharge battery case + power supply – $85), knowing that if the IndieGogo reaches its goal, the SwitchCharge will sell at a retail price of $130. First shippings are expected to start Late July 2017.

Of course, this product can bring some concerns. The added 26mm depth will prevent you to dock the Switch with the SwitchCharge on, as no one has laid hands on the product we don’t know how it will support the heat from a 10+ hours of play session, and we’re not even sure how the Switch will react in handheld mode with it since the fans run slower than when docked. The only way of knowing, is to try it out!



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