NBA Playgrounds revives the NBA Jam & Street era on Nintendo Switch

NBA Street, NBA Jam, please give your blessing to this one

For those of you who are missing the good old days of NBA Street or NBA Jam and have been deceived by the buggy 3on3 Freestyle on PS4, this upcoming game might be your salvation. Developer Saber Interactive is announcing the return of the arcade-style basketball games officially licensed by the NBA, with the cartoonish NBA Playgrounds.

The introduction of the trailer says it all: Super-Deformed Allen Iverson facing off against Steph Curry and George Hill on the playground with arcade trick moves. If this game is just as good as its predecessors, then we’re in for a treat. And since it’s officially licensed, developer confirms that every NBA team is featured in it, with current and retired players that you can level-up.

According to Saber Interactive’s CEO Matt Karch, NBA Playgrounds will also feature three classical game modes (solo, local-multiplayer, online) and “hundreds of over-the-top dunks and moves“. It will be accessible for every kind of players, from the young basketball fans to the hardcore pros who’ve mastered their game. We just can’t wait for this one!

NBA Playgrounds will release on Nintendo Switch next month as a digital download ($20).



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