Kamiko: first trailer and new screenshots to introduce the divine maidens

Meet Yamato, Uzume and Hinome

Flyhigh Works and Skipmore released today a first trailer for their pixel-style action adventure game Kamiko – God Shrine Maidens. We don’t see and learn much, but it sure gives us a better look at the clean retro style of the game, and what seems to be the beginning of the story (a sword handed to a maiden by a divine character).

This trailer comes along with some new screenshots to introduce Yamato, Uzume and Hinome, the three elemental divine maidens we’ll control in Kamiko. The story will unveil as we fight our way through waves of demons blocking our path, solve puzzles and defeat bosses. All of this in order to lift the cursed seals on several Torii scattered throughout the land, one for each level.

Last time we heard about it, the development was at 90% of completion so it must now be finished and good for shipment on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop. We still haven’t got any news regarding a possible western release, so if you want to give the game a try, take your Japanese dictionary.

Kamiko – God Shrine Maidens will release later this month on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop (500 Yen).



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