[UPDATE] Splatoon 2: meet Kojudge-kun, Judd’s furry little partner

There's a new kitty in the family

One of the most beloved characters in the original Splatoon was Judd. You know, the lazy sleeping cat of the plaza who was also the judge setting the scores at the end of each match. Well, he’ll be back in Splatoon 2, and this time he even brought a little partner. Meet “Kojudge-Kun”!

His name is still in Japanese for now, it’ll probably be different in the western versions, but he’ll still be just as cute. However, even though the Squid Research Lab still has an undergoing study on this newcomer, first results indicate that he’s more troublesome than he looks. In fact, he’s awaiting for any opportunity to take Judd’s position… His origins are still shrouded in mystery, but the investigation continues.

Splatoon 2 is set to release later this year, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


[UPDATE] The Inkopolis News team apparently got an official confirmation of the western name of “Kojudge-Kun”, the cute-but-suspicious ball of fur that will help Judd in the scores setting: Li’l Judd. Here’s the tweet revealing the info.




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