Player found a trick to fly in Zelda Breath of the Wild

All you need is a metal box and a Goron Mine Kart!

If there’s one thing that all players tried in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when King Rhoam finally set us free from the Great Plateau, is mess with the environment. The Nintendo development team created such an immersive world with a deep physics system that it offers countless possibilities. For some it’s just setting ablaze the vast prairies, or become the master of thunder with a sword driven by Magnesis trick. For others, it’s testing the limits of the game by achieving a 22-minutes long paraglide record, or even creating a flying machine.

We don’t know if you’ve had the same reflex as us, but right after we got the Magnesis Rune, we searched for a metal box or plate and tried to fly on it. Unfortunately, the developers prevent us to just fly away to Hyrule Castle with this method (the Magnesis doesn’t trigger when you’re standing on the targeted metal object). Some players trick the system with Octo Balloons, but you need a lot of them to achieve a one-minute flight and don’t even try to steer the thing with a Korok Leef, it’s just a pain in the ass.

But now, thanks to youtuber mety333, we know that all you need in Zelda Breath of the Wild to fly, is a metal box and a Goron Mine Kart! This clever gamer was able to lift himself up to the invisible ceiling of the world of Hyrule, and even enjoyed a long, loooooong paraglider ride down. Take a look at the video he made showing his achievement:

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