Blue Sunset Games wants to bring party game Animal Rivals to the Switch

The indie developer is "aiming to hit the Switch"

Each day comes with a new confirmation that an indie developer wants to bring their game to the Switch. Today, it’s the turn of Blue Sunset Games with Animal Rivals, an up-to-4 players party game that just got greenlit on Steam.

Funnily enough, their announcement wasn’t done through a proper press release of even a blog update. Instead, they just responded to a tweet from Destructoid. In it, the website is announcing Ankama Games’ port “Abraca: Imagic Games” to the Switch, and says that the game console could use more party games. Hence the answer from Blue Sunset Games.

Nothing is really confirmed yet, the developer just shared their intention to hit the Nintendo Switch with Animal Rivals. So as usual, wait and see. In the meantime, here’s a first trailer of the party game.


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