Cave Story+ is heading to Switch in June

The island is awaiting a new hero to defeat the Doctor

A few weeks ago, Nicalis’ founder Tyrone Rodriguez teased the upcoming release of Cave Story on Nintendo Switch with a simple image of the system UI, showing several games from the studio. Nothing has been said since then about the 2D platformer, but today is the day we get an official announcement.

So, the adventures of our little amnesiac hero are coming on the Switch as Cave Story+. It will release on June 20th, in both digital and physical copies, for the price of $29.99. Originally released in 2011, this enhanced version of Cave Story has HD graphics, new music tracks, seven game modes (ex. Wind Fortress, Boss Rush), fifteen levels with a total of twenty boss, ten new unique weapons and four unique endings. Developer Nicalis didn’t specify if there will be some exclusive content for the Switch.



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