Ankama’s brawler Abraca is coming to the Switch eShop in May

Let's kick that smile off the face of Prince Charming!

French developer Ankama Studio (Dofus, Wakfu) is about to release their totally fresh brawling game Abraca: Imagic Games on the Switch eShop. It’s been available for a little more than a year now on Steam, and since it’s a local multiplayer controller-only game, it would be a shame for the developer to not bring it to Nintendo’s new system.

In Abraca: Imagic Games, two to four players are thrown in a strange fairytale kingdom with a cartoonish Ankama twist, and take turns playing as princes, princesses or monsters. One of them is the hero, the other(s) play the bad guy(s), and the goal is simple: while the prince or princess must make its way through each level, the monsters will do everything to stop him/her. Not only with their fists, but also with traps, enemies and even bosses.


Abraca: Imagic Games will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop sometime in May.
Imagi is the country where fairy tale characters live, with its bad guys and damsels in distress. So much so that becoming prince charming is a treacherous path where the gloves really come off! Two, three or four players all pretend to be princes who must survive a series of challenges!


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