New details and screenshots for Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey

The future in Shin Megami Tensei still looks pretty apocalyptic

It’s only been a few days since we’ve had our first look at Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey, the new instalment in the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise. And today, Atlus is already updating the Japanese official website of the upcoming 3DS game with a lot of new content. We have more informations on the story, the protagonist, supporting characters, the demons and new mechanics (translated from Japanese by Gematsu).

The Story

20XX AD… It suddenly appeared in the Antarctic! Environmental destruction and ethnic conflict… on a future earth where various problems still haven’t been solved, it suddenly appeared. Schwarzwelt, the ruined land that appeared in the Antarctic, continued to expand while swallowing everything on the earth into nonexistence. This appears to be how the history of mankind will meet its end… Hoping for humanity’s survival, a Strike Team is sent to this mysterious land. However, the things they witness… will reveal the terrible truth of Schwarzwelt.

SMT Deep Strange Journey 1

The Characters – Schwarzwelt Investigational Team

Protagonist (voiced by Jun Hirose): A USMC officer who underwent intense combat and command training between tours of duty. He was transferred to the SIT by U.N. request. As a member of the Strike Team, his duties include off-ship missions and providing security for the expedition. He is on the crew roster for ship 1, the Red Sprite.

Gore (voiced by Unsho Ishizuka): The overall commander of the SIT. He was originally a military officer serving a large country; the leadership abilities he displayed during his service earned him the top position on the team that now holds the fate of mankind. He commands the Red Sprite directly in addition to overseeing operations on the other three ships.

Jimenez (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai): Another member of the expedition with an American military background, Jiminez began his career as an enlisted man and is now a private contractor, attracted to the expedition by the promise of financial gain. He service on ship 2, the Blue Jet, as a member of the Strike Team.

Zelenin (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto): A Russian scientist recognised for her research on the Schwarzwelt. He position as the First Lieutenant of the Monitor Team was one of the first appointments made. Her chief duty is to research the Schwarzwelt’s true nature along with her crew mates on ship 3, the Elve.

SMT Deep Strange Journey 2

We also have an introduction to Alex (voiced by Megumi Han), a mysterious assassin who suddenly attacks the Investigational Team during the exploration of Schwarzwelt. The only detail given is that her story will unfold with a new ending route.

SMT Deep Strange Journey 4

The Demons

Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey will bring back the 350+ demons from past titles, along with additional demons newly illustrated by artist Masayuki Doi. One of them is named Amon. As usual, they will either be friend or foes. Developers teased it will be a “DEEPer” experience.SMT Deep Strange Journey 3

New mechanics

  • New illustrations and full voice-overs
  • Characters have newly added facial expressions
  • New background songs from the Atlus Sound Team’s Shoji Meguro and Toshiki Konishi
  • Original story remains + new story related to Alex, with new ending
  • Improved and easier to play systems
  • New skills and new growth elements added
  • Battles have been improved to deeper respond to gameplay (?)
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Save anywhere in the dungeon
  • UI has been refined for easier playability

Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS this fall (in Japan).



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