LEGO City Undercover load times comparison between Switch and Wii U

How good is this remaster?

Ok, we’re not gonna fool ourselves here, LEGO City Undercover was a great game. It was fun, the city was huge, had lots of hidden content and vehicles, the scenario had this WTF-ish thing we love in the LEGO games, and it was coated with a GTA-like exquisite flavour. But playing it gave the feeling that it was too heavy for the Wii U. It was lacking a multiplayer mode (the heart and soul of every LEGO game?!) and the loading times where… well let’s say you could see the dust gather on your Gamepad while waiting.

So when we heard about a LEGO City Undercover remaster for the Nintendo Switch, multiplayer included, we only had one question: how are the loading times? Of course they would be optimised, but how much? Well, that’s exactly what the guys at NWR TV wanted to find out. They’ve made a side-by-side comparison video between both Wii U and Switch versions. Here it is.


LEGO City Undercover will release for the Nintendo Switch on April 4th (North America) and April 7th (Europe).

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