HAL Laboratory was involved in Nintendo Switch’s development

When they're not making a Kirby, they help build the Switch

The Japanese developer HAL Laboratory is renowned throughout most of the video game community for giving birth to the beloved Kirby, the first Super Smash Bros. games, the Mother (EarthBound) series, Pokemon Snap and many more Nintendo games. And today, we learn that these years of successful partnership with Nintendo have extended to a whole new level, with the involvement of the studio in the creation of BigN latest hardware: the Nintendo Switch.

Indeed, HAL Lab helped Nintendo in the development of several parts of the Switch’s User Interface: the Web browser, the Mii library, as well as game development environments and tools. The developer even shared a picture of the 32 staff members who joined the Nintendo teams during the development of the Switch.

Nothing has been said regarding the reasons of this unusual implication, but it might not be a stranger to the fact that the late Satoru Iwata worked for HAL Laboratory during many years. He even became its President in 1993, before joining Nintendo in 2000. Maybe he called back his friends to help on the development of the core systems of the Switch’s UI during the first stages of the creation.

HAL Laboratory Nintendo Switch



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