Splatoon 2: Nintendo announce new Humpback Pump Track stage during ESL Go4Splatoon

Get ready to Turf War in the Humpback Pump Track

After six months of high-level performances from some of the best Splatoon teams in Europe, the grand final of the eSport competition ESL Go4Splatoon Europe is just happening today in Paris. And the Squid Lab just threw a little surprise to all of those who’re looking at the live: a totally new stage for the upcoming Splatoon 2.

Hisashi Nogami (Producer) appeared during the broadcast for a short announcement and presented the new arena, called Humpback Pump Track. It’s been relayed on the official NintendoUK twitter account, here’s the tweet if you want to take a closer look. This new stage is based on an indoor pump track, an off-road terrain that should be used for BMX riders (with lots of banked turns and bumps, so you have to “pump” while riding it, hence the name). But in Splatoon 2, we’ll just unleash our paint all over the place!

The ESL Go4Splatoon Europe Grand Final is still live as we’re publishing this news. Take a look at the stream below if you want to see what the best Splatoon players in Europe are made of.

Splatoon 2 is set to release later this year on Nintendo Switch.

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