Snake Pass missing time trial mode on Switch but not for long

Sumo Digital is working on it, we'll just have to wait

Now that Snake Pass received a little 1.1 update to make its visuals slightly better and to fix the HD rumble issue first players had on Nintendo Switch, Sumo Digital can focus on a functionality that is still missing: the Time Trial mode.

That’s right. Snake Pass is out since a few days now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch but the latter is the only version that doesn’t unlock a Time Trial mode when you finish the game. So the development team at Sumo Digital shared a little update on Reddit to let the Switch players know that they’re aware of that missing content, and they’re working on fixing it. However, they don’t say when it’ll be patched, so that’s not a good sign… In the meantime, if you’ve already finished the game, you can try yourself on the challenge of collecting all the coins hidden in the levels.


I can confirm that we’re working on getting Time Trials patched in to the Switch version of the game. I can’t tell you exactly when this is going to happen, it’s not quite as simple as flicking a switch, there is some work on our end involved on getting this up and running. As soon as I have more news I’ll be sure to pass it on.


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