Nintendo reveal new Fire Emblem for Switch & 3DS on April Fools Day

A retro style Fire Emblem? That's cool! Too bad it's fake...

Today is April Fools Day, and just like every year the web is filling with WTF announcements. So what did Nintendo come up with? The reveal of a new instalment in their famous tactical RPG franchise, named Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution. The (fake) game is based on old school 8-bit style graphics, features three heroes (Valvo, Leo, Kamui) and would release on Nintendo 3DS and Switch.

They’ve even created a whole page on their website, with screenshots of both version, a whole story and fake functionalities. So apparently, the game is compatible with hanafuda amiibo cards (a reference to the origins of Nintendo, the first product that they manufactured in 1889 was Hanafuda cards) and has an upcoming DLC. Ok, that’s kinda cool, we want that game now Nintendo. Happy?

As a comfort, there’s still a REAL upcoming game in the franchise, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, launching on Nintendo 3DS on May 19th.

Fire Emblem Battle of Revolution 2

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