Over 589 million Magikarp caught during the Pokemon GO Water Festival

The Water Festival was a splashing success! (sorry, too tempting)

The Pokémon GO Water Festival closed its doors last Wednesday, and it’s been a tremendous success. Among the tons of water type Pokémon from Gen.2 that were caught in all this joyful splish splash, lots of love has been given to one of the least appreciated Pokémon since Red & Blue: Magikarp. In fact, more that 589 million of them have been caught during the festival!

All this sudden interest for the one and only Pokémon famous for his uselessness clearly has something to do with the fact that, during the Water Festival, several players encountered a Shiny Magikarp. Thus began the hunt for the golden one, and the hope of adding a Shiny Gyarados to our team. We don’t know yet if the Shiny Magikarp will stick around now that the Water Festival is over. No one has seen one so far.

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