Syberia 3 gets a new Story trailer

A journey to the sacred land of the Youkol tribe

The upcoming adventure game Syberia 3 will release next month for PC, PS4, Xbox One and still hasn’t been given a proper release date for the Nintendo Switch, but it doesn’t stop developer Microïds to reveal some more info on the story of the game.

In this new instalment in the Syberia series, American lawyer Kate Walker continues her travels across Europe and Russia. This time, she’ll join the nomadic Youkol tribe in a dangerous journey to their sacred land, the breeding site of the snow ostriches. During her adventure, Kate will cross the path of Ayawaska, the shaman of the Youkol tribe, Captain Obo, the captain of the Krystal, but also “a long-time friend, very dear to her heart“.

After abandoning the island, Kate Walker finds herself adrift on a makeshift boat, rescued by the Youkol people. Determined to escape their common enemies, she decides to help the nomads fulfill their odd ancestral tradition, as they accompany their snow ostriches on their seasonal migration.

Syberia 3 will be released on Nintendo Switch later this year.

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