Splatoon 2: details on re-rolling and switching gear abilities

Spyke got the business going during those two years

Those who’ve played the original Splatoon on Nintendo Wii U might remember this nifty little feature: the re-rolling. Just like a re-roll of the dice, the game allowed to randomise a second time the draw of secondary abilities given by a piece of gear acquired in Spyke’s shop if you weren’t happy with what you got. You could end up with something better, or worse. Well, this functionality is confirmed to be back in Splatoon 2, and that’s not all.

We have a first look at how it will work in the upcoming TPS, with the picture below. This time, you won’t have to speak with Spyke but to his sea urchin assistant, Spykey. Yep, it seems that Spyke got the business going during those two years. So, the re-rolling ability now costs 20,000 gold, or you can pay with some Super Sea Snails. They’ll be a currency alternative, but we don’t know how to get them.

Spykey will also offer the possibility to add Abilities to your gear or remove them (”Gear Cleaning’) if you want your stuff to return to an original state. But they won’t be destroyed, they’ll become ”Ability Fragments”. What are they for? The Squid Research Lab specifies that you can use them to add a new Ability to a gear with a free spot, but it’ll cost several fragments to do so. So it’s not really something to do without thinking.

Splatoon 2 is set to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch this summer.

Splatoon 2 re-roll

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