Snake Pass: Switch VS PS4 tech comparison

Does the Unreal Engine 4 really do its job on the Switch?

Sumo Digital’s latest creation Snake Pass is now out on Nintendo Switch and this time, the studio is going all the way into an original universe. And it offers a clever blend of physics-based slithering, puzzle-solving and platforming, nicely wrapped in a colourful environment with a charming soundtrack. If we didn’t look at the box we could think that Rare or Naughty Dog just laid another golden egg, but don’t be mistaken, it’s 100% Sumo Digital’s new baby and you’re gonna love it.

Among the many surprises you’ll get playing Snake Pass, the first one should come right after you press “launch game”: the Unreal Engine 4 logo. That’s right, the Nintendo Switch has a native support of the engine and Sumo Digital’s new platformer takes its technical strength from it. The now famous UE4 brings a lot to the Switch version, like rich light rendering, complex animated objects, nicely polished post-processing effects and a smooth animation of our slithering hero Noodle and its buddy. But how does it compare to the other platforms, let’s say the PS4 one? Well, the guys at DigitalFoundry have put up a tech comparison video to see what the Switch version is made of and how it stands next to the power of Sony’s system.




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