Radiant Historia: details on new features, story, artworks and DLC

Atlus released new information on the upcoming remake

Atlus shared today a new bunch of informations on his upcoming game Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, the remake on Nintendo 3DS of the original Radiant Historia (DS – 2010). There are a lot of content we already know and of course some new things. So here’s a quick reminder of what has been revealed so far, along some new artworks of the characters and details on the famous SD Characters DLC Pack that will be given as an early purchase bonus.


New features

  • Enhanced graphics
  • New visuals for cut scenes and new opening animation handled by A-1 Productions (Sword Art Online)
  • Possibility to select difficulty: Friendly / Normal / Hard (in Friendly, there’s a special “Hyper Smash” attack)
  • Two game modes: “Perfect Mode” & “Append Mode”
  • Gameplay videos



Same story as the original: “Overcome a number of branching destinies and plunge forward on a journey to arrive at the truth. Stocke, the protagonist, will traverse the timeline with the power of the “White Chronicle” and confront a number of destinies. Your own decisions will significantly influence the story. Travel the timeline and change your destiny.”

At the first crossroads, the story branches into two main parts. “Continue as a spy for the Special Intelligence agents” (Standard History) or “Join the army and fight alongside your close friend” (Alternate History). You can proceed on either path, but with the power of the White Chronicle you can traverse the timeline and save the ruined world. Additionally, as the result of a certain something, Stocke can travel to another potential world that is not Standard History or Alternate History, but rather “Sub-History.”


New artworks and illustrations

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology offers event illustrations that were not in the DS version of the game. Character designer Masaki Hirooka and Lack, known for trading card games and light novels, are handling these scenes.

The characters from the DS version will appear with refined illustrations from character designer Masaki Hirooka. Additionally, voice-overs not in the DS version have been added, which make the story even more dramatic. A new character named Nemesia has also been added. Nemesia is a historian that appears in the new “Sub-History.” Both her purpose and origin are truly a mystery. She seems to be taking various travels in seeking a material known as “Artifact.”

Limited Edition “Perfect Edition”

The game will be available in two editions on June 29th (Japanese release date): standard (6998 Yen – $63/£50) and Perfect Edition (10,584 Yen – $95/£76). The Perfect Edition bundle includes the following:

  • A copy of the game
  • Deluxe box
  • Two-disc Complete CD set – OST of the original DS game + 3DS remake
  • 100-pages Special Art Book
  • DLC Pack including 5 items
  • SD Characters DLC Pack (early purchase bonus, also available in standard edition)

First-print copies of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology include a code for the “Super Deformed Characters DLC Pack” DLC. It changes the standard illustrations of the 10 main characters to a chibi-style drawn by CHANxCO.

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology SD Characters DLC Pack

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology for Nintendo 3DS will release in Japan on June 29th.



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