LEGO City Undercover: new trailer introducing more than 100 vehicles

Damn, so many vehicles and I can't find my keys...

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is certainly active these days with the promotion of his upcoming title LEGO City Undercover for Nintendo Switch. Now that they’ve cleared the confusion regarding the internet connection and required data download, they’re focusing on showcasing the features of the game. Today, it’s all about the vehicles.

Just as the original, this remake of LEGO City Undercover will feature more than 100 vehicles of all kinds: sports cars, UFOs, mowers, choppers, helicopters, jetskis… and even a freakin’ T-Rex!! Playing the Wii U version was lots of fun and we now can’t wait to try it will all the new content added for the Switch, the improved graphics and the multiplayer.

LEGO City Undercover will release for Nintendo Switch on April 4th (North America) and April 7th (Europe).

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