Has-Been Heroes: Day 1 Patch brings lots of improvements

Frozenbyte is already implementing a lot of changes on their game

Frozenbyte‘s new action-strategy game Has-Been Heroes is now available in North America and first players can give hell to those skeletons on their Nintendo Switch. And developers are still hard at work on their game, they’ve just released a day 1 patch to enhance your slashing experience. This update changes quite a few things on game balance, stability, gameplay, user interface and additional improvements (change log below).

Since the game just came out, the Day 1 Patch was merged in the 1.0.0 version so don’t freak out if you don’t see any new version number. The Frozenbyte team is also working on some other gameplay improvements that will be implemented in upcoming patches, possibly released this week (details on upcoming changes below).

There’s still a few days to wait for European and Australian players to enjoy Has-Been Heroes, the game has been delayed to April 4th on Nintendo Switch. We don’t know yet if those changes will be directly added to the game download or if you’ll have to update the game once installed.

Day 1 Patch:

* Game balance for release
* Game stability fixes
* Gameplay improvements
* User interface improvements
* Additional and improved visual effects
* Additional tips displayed in the main menu to help players grasp the game better
* Ability to play endings from menu
* Spell element teaser after each elemental boss battle
* Cleared battles now give an extra bonus


Upcoming patches:

* Gameplay: Hitting over enemy Stamina now has a damage penalty of -10% instead of -25%
* Gameplay: Skeleton Leader, who speeds up nearby enemies, now always walks into the battle, never spawns in the middle
* Gameplay: Red-bandana “Boxer” Skeleton Boss health now 1450 (was 1825)
* Gameplay: Heroes’ lane backstab damage increase
* Gameplay: Changes and fixes to Summon Boar spell
* User interface: Helpful popup screen at the start of the game to explain Stamina


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