Fire Emblem Heroes: the Spring Festival kicks off with special content

Nintendo reminds us that the game is Japanese after all

Nintendo is celebrating Easter the kawaï way with Fire Emblem Heroes! Starting Thursday, your game will receive an update with special content around the “Spring Festival”. What’s in it? Well, definitely some totally Japanese stuff. Chrom, Lucina, Camilla and Xander are awarded a not-inappropriate-at-all costume skin and new weapons sets based on the Easter bunny. Chrom brandishes a carrot spear, Lucina & Camilla both hold magic eggs, and Xander (the luckiest one) a giant carrot lance.

In addition to the four bunny outfits and weapon sets, the Spring Festival will also implement new Paralogue maps and Special Quests. No more details have been given by Nintendo but we hope it won’t be too WTF.


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