Player sets a 22-minute paraglider record in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Ok man, we won't try to beat your score. Happy?

Among the many many things you can do in the massive world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there’s a mini-game where you have to jump from the top of the Ridgeland Tower and fly as far as you can with the paraglider. If you’ve tried it, you must be proud to show on your scoreboard a distance around 600-700m, but guess what, this guy just punched the record of 7615.8m!

Japanese youtuber ゆきのさん is the professional kind. You know, those who grab a game and push it to the maximum. With Breath of the Wild, he chose paragliding. Last week, he hit the score of 6578.8m, but apparently it wasn’t enough for him. This time, he used clever ways to extend his flight (ex. create updrafts with bomb arrows and drink stamina potions), and kept gliding during a whopping 22-minutes flight to land on Eventide Island. Check out his world record in the video below.


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