Next Switch eShop update brings Metal Slug and Graceful Explosion Machine

It's all about 2D shooters with these Nintendo Switch eShop games

The Nintendo Switch eShop brings some nice surprises today. If US players can now enjoy Has-Been Heroes but Europe and Australia players will have to wait until April 4th, we also discover that two other great games are about to come: Metal Slug (oh yeah!) and Graceful Explosion Machine.

Neo Geo’s original Metal Slug, the legendary 2D run & gun action shooting game, will release on March 30th for the price of $7.99/6,99€. And on April 6th, Graceful Explosion Machine, the indie 2D retro-style side-scrolling shooter, will debut on the Switch for $12.99/12,99€. Here’s a video below to have a first look at some gameplay.

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