Fire Emblem Heroes: three new changes with the April update

The official Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter account details what's coming

A few days ago, Fire Emblem Heroes’ developers announced a major update through in-game notifications, the “April Update”. That’s a roll out we’re waiting for since it’ll bring new battle modes, arena fixes, an additional way to collect feathers, and the long awaited permadeth-like events. But that’s not all, when Nintendo say “big update” they’re not kidding.

This morning, the Japanese FEHeroes Twitter account shared new details on three other modifications the April Update will introduce. And thanks to Reddit user Van24 who did a great translation job, we know what they are:

  • Update 1 Players will be able to adjust the starting positions of their team members before battle commences.
  • Update 2 Adjustments to experience being earned by Heroes between 1 and 4-Star rarities. The lower the rarity of your hero, the more experience they will earn when fighting enemies with lower levels.
  • Update 3 Stamina Max will be increased to 99. Orb and Stamina Potion refills will also be adjusted to refill 99 Stamina.

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