LEGO City Undercover: you’ll need a second pair of Joy-Con for multiplayer

Single Joy-Con mode please? Access denied.

LEGO City Undercover will release in a few days on Nintendo Switch and along faster loadings, the game will have for the first time a local multiplayer mode. We know, that’s something we ALWAYS find in a LEGO game, it was a major disappointment in the original Wii U version. Developer TT Games learned their lesson and now they’re doing the Nintendo Switch port the right way. However, there’s a slight detail you should know: LEGO City Undercover can’t be player with a single Joy-Con.

How is that a problem? Well, for single player mode there’s none. Just take the Joy-Con pair and play. But in multiplayer, you’ll have to buy a second pair of Joy-Con, or have a complementary Pro Controller to enjoy LEGO City Undercover. No multiplayer straight out of the box if you don’t own a second controller.

This is a little disappointing since it’s not really Switch-friendly (i.e. take it out of the box and play with your friends), especially since we know that TT Games first made the option available and decided to just bin it before release. But for their defence, the feature was removed because the single Joy-Con configuration lacks a second analog stick, so you weren’t able to control the camera. That’s not for us to judge if that was the right decision, and from our point of view it won’t prevent us from enjoying the game when it comes out in a few days.


LEGO City Undercover is coming out on Nintendo Switch on April 4th.



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