Monster Boy publishers want your vote for physical release on Switch

Publisher has come up with a clever idea to estimates the sales of the game

Looks like a lot of people are bringing back the Wonder Boy series to life! Where LizardCube and DotEmu are working on a remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (SEGA Master System – 1989) for the Nintendo Switch, Game Atelier and FDG Entertainment have in their box a spiritual successor to the franchise. This new game is called Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, and it’s set to release on Nintendo Switch eShop in 2017.

But before it goes on sale, FDG Entertainment has a simple question for you: do you want the game to be released on cartridge? Because apparently, it’s only set for digital right now. If you want to see Monster Boy in a physical copy, there’s a simple way to let them know: vote by liking their tweet (below). Right now, you would join the 10,000+ gamers that want to make this happen.

Given that this amount of likes has been gathered in only a day, there’s a big chance Monster Boy will have a physical release. We must say, this is a clever way to have a first estimate of sales, even though it’s not totally representative of the market. Nintendo Switch cartridges have a cost, so it’s not an easy choice for publishers to go for physical distribution. But this pre-launch success is a good example that Switch players are ready to support indie developers.


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