Dragon Quest XI: details on battle system and characters

The Weekly Shonen Jump has news on Dragon Quest XI

While we’re still in the waiting line for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time‘s release date reveal on April 11th, the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump has news. Today, we first have an introduction on the battle system. There will be slight differences between the PS4 and the 3DS version, the more impactful one being the 2D/3D modes on Nintendo’s system. Nothing is said about the upcoming Switch version, but there’s little doubt that it’ll be like the on PS4. The magazine also unveils two characters that will follow our heroes’ journey. We don’t really know yet to what extend, if they’ll become part of our group or just important NPCs.

Battle System

  • PS4 version: Free Movement (move & change camera as you like) + Auto Camera (camera moves by itself).
  • 3DS version: choose between 2D Mode (familiar 2D pixel graphics) or 3D Mode (3D characters and monsters). There are screenshots below to see how it renders.
  • Both PS4 & 3DS: Command-based battle systems. Screenshots show “Falcon Slash” & “Thwack” techniques.
  • You can have a First Strike advantage in certain circumstances.
  • Characters can have a Dragon-Ball-like Ki boost (see screenshot).
  • Screenshots show 2 new monsters: Mandra & Ocobolt.


  • Martina – High-spirited female martial artist. She says: “With you, I’ll protect everyone… That is my fight!
  • Rou – Mysterious old man with a white moustache. He says: “I’ve been waiting for you all to arrive.


Dragon Quest XI is slated for 2017 on the Nintendo 3DS, in Japan. A Switch version is also expected. We’ll have more information on April 11th.

Dragon Quest XI - Weekly Shonen Jump


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