Zelda Breath Of The Wild: How to get the Master Sword?

Link's legendary sword is in hidden deep, here's how to find it.

Every The Legend of Zelda game wouldn’t be complete without a legendary sword to seal the darkness. Through all the episodes of the franchise there is one, not always the same one, but still. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can finish the main quest without wielding it, but the one and only Master Sword is the best blade to vanquish your ennemies.

So, where in the world of Hyrule is the Master Sword hidden and what troublesome quests will you have to endure to obtain it? After all, you do need a true weapon to match the just as legendary Hylian Shield that we just got you. Or is it to go with the best armour and outfits? In any case, if you need the Master Sword of Resurrection, here it is.

A journey into the Lost Woods

That’s right. Where else could the legendary blade be if not in the Lost Woods. Hyrule has gone to despair and this place under the protection of the Deku Tree is the only one in the kingdom where the incarnation of Fay could rest in security, waiting for the hero to claim its due. So, how do you get to the Lost Woods?

In Zelda Breath of the Wild, the iconic woodland is located North of Central Hyrule and West of Edlin’s lands. We’ve circled it on the map below. Once you’ll arrive there, you’ll notice that it’s quite secluded. There’s water all over it, the only point of entry is in the Sout-East corner of the woods. You can go there faster if you’ve activated the Woodland Tower, but you can’t glide to the woods from the top of it, there’s a strangely suspicious rock blocking the way.

Once you arrive in the woods, a deep fog will trap you into it. Look to your right, there’s a lantern. The trick to get through the Lost Woods is that lantern, the fire more precisely. That’s right, the embers dancing in the wind are pointing towards the direction you must follow. Follow the next lanterns, and the next, until you find a brasero with a torch to light up. Take the torch, light it, and off you go following the ambers in the wind. Be careful to not rush your pace, the wind might turn from times to times. You’ll know when you’ve got through this first part of the woods, the fog will vanish. Now, all you have to do is go straight ahead, meet your destiny.


Wielding the Mast Sword of Resurrection

Now, you’ve made it to the Lost Woods’ sanctuary, home of the Deku Tree and all the friendly Koroks. Go on, talk with them, don’t be an unfriendly hero. Once this is done, time to get your hands on the prize. The Master Sword rests in its pedestal, right in front of the Deku Tree. You should see it right away when you entered the sanctuary, there’s a heavenly beam of light descending on it.

So, here’s the thing. To take the Master Sword out of its resting place, you need to have a strong heart. And when we say “strong heart” it’s carefully chosen words. As the Deku Tree explains it when you set your eyes on the sword, unsheathing it will drain your life. If you don’t have enough hearts, you eventually could die (if you don’t stop the process). How many hearts do you need exactly? 13. Don’t ask us why. So if you don’t have enough of them when you come here, you can just turn back and get your Shrine-raider hat on. Oh and don’t try to be the clever one and eat meals that extend your hearts with yellow ones, the Master Sword only drains the “real” red hearts.

Once you’ll have those 13 hearts, unsheathing the Master Sword of Resurrection will be easy. Enjoy, and remember to be worthy of it. You’ve been chosen by the Goddess Hylia!

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